3D Printing Unpeeled: Arc Overhangs and a Tiny MSLA 3D Printer

Arc overhangs have been experimented with by FullControl members of the community and now thanks to an article on Hackaday and videos by CNCKitchen and 3DQue arc overhangs now have a lot of attention. Through cooling settings and expanding on ever larger self supporting arcs users are finding that they can make overhanging structures that are impossible normally. Could these kinds of spectacular overhangs become more entrenched? They look rough now but can we use them to predictably bridge structures? 

The Lite3DP Gen2 is the teeniest tiniest and most adorable MSLA printer ever. Measuring just 100 x 100 x 165 mm and with a build volume of 36.7 x 48.8 x 80mm the open source printer has been developed by Alfredo Bonini. One quirky feature is that the display is also your mask which is super low cost but means that you need to pause the print to check the display during printing. This should be an extremely low cost MSLA system and could laud in a new era of hackable SLA systems. 

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