3D Printing News Unpeeled: Multimaterial DLP Through Centrifugal Force

Jianxiang Cheng along with a team at the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Soft Mechanics & Smart Manufacturing of theSouthern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen today have presented a real 3D printing breakthrough. Through using centrifugal force to cast off residual resin the team has enabled the multilateral 3D printing of many different resins and functional structures using DLP. Inspired by dogs and other mammals shaking water off their hides the team spin the build platform in between material switches to eliminate contamination and let them build conductive, thermoplastic and even ceramic materials in one part. This could enable the highly productive manufacturing of  integrated devices using DLP. In a paper in Nature they disclose their breakthrough which could advance how we create things significantly using Additive Manufacturing

In South Africa a team lead by Sidne Fanucci and Earl Prinsloo has managed to make a $1008 bioprinter. They used a Anycubic Kossel type 3D printer, costing around $199, and added a Adrian Bowyer designed paste extruder to develop an enclosed hydrogel micro extrusion system that is extremely affordable. Previous efforts through NOSE, SLAM and FRESH have worked on entry level bioprinting systems but did not find an audience. Perhaps this bioprinter, the SidneV1, could make bioprinting much more accessible. 

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