Anouk Wipprechet’s Immersive Dining Experience Features 3D Printed Costumes

If you are tired of your meals sat next to a flickering light and want a more interactive experience, then you’re in luck. Dutch “FashionTech” Designer Anouk Wipprecht recently took to social media to announce Journey 360, a new immersive dining experience, which opened to the general public December 30th in NYC. The dinner is a five course prix fixe meal and comes alive with interactive storytelling, 360° video, and Broadway performers. It’s an innovative combination of food, fashion, and technology and could change the way we interact at the dinner table.

We did a thing!! Last couple of months in Chelsea, New York ♡♡♡

Opening December 30th for ‘friend & family’ – a restaurant x immersive experience x fashion x robotics x projections x art and much more, come join us! Many fun artists involved in this, and robotic dresses by me + +

Anouk is no stranger to innovation and has become well-known for her engineered fashion over the years. If you haven’t seen her spider dress yet, google it immediately. It’s amazing. This time, however, she had a new challenge in mind: food. The artist wanted to create a truly immersive dining experience, spending the last several months collaborating with chefs, designers, and performers to bring this idea to reality. 

From the pictures posted to Instagram and LinkedIn, the experience seems truly unique. Video boards surround the dining area, and customers can interact with projections cast onto the table. What caught our eyes the most, however, were the 3D printed costumes the characters wear. All were designed by Anouk and have a tech inspired flair. While not many photos of the characters have been made public, ‘Morpha’ is one the project has featured. She dons a grey dress with lace bottom and a large neck piece with a light in the middle. The look seems inspired by another Wipprecht design that was featured in the “FashionTech” show for the Dutch Embassy, and is stunning in its new setting. We are excited to see more pictures of the actors and other ways 3D printing was utilized for this event. 

Costume made using 3D printing (Source: journey_newyork’s Instagram)
3D printed neck piece (Source: journey_newyork’s Instagram)

If you are interested in experiencing this event tickets will cost you $175 dollars, and can be bought here. Journey 360 is happening in the NOMAD/ Flatiron District of New York City, so get your tickets before they are gone.

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