3D Printing News Unpeeled: Textile 3D Printing & Mosquitos

German textile machinery company Karl Mayer Group has made a 3D printer combined with a warp knitted textile machine. This moves at 5 meters per second across a 2 meter by 1 meter build area depositing polyurethane and silicone.  The company hopes to add labels and things like reinforcements selectively and on demand. It also envisages the production of performance enhancing strips to aid movement.

Kevin Johnson, Omid Veiseh and others at Rice have unveiled a 3D Printed mosquito testing system. Through 3D printing hydrogels in a transparent box and pointing cameras at it they have developed a solution that can be used to test the effectiveness of mosquito repellents in an automated way.

Double D Trailers is 3D printing horse trailers which are 25% lighter than traditional ones. It is using One/One as a designers and 3D Printers from Loci Robotics. Prints will take 20 hours and the design will save on emissions and reduce lead times for the firm.


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