Nexa3D Buys XYZprinting’s SLS 3D Printing Technology

California-based 3D printing company Nexa3D is expanding its selective laser sintering (SLS) portfolio by acquiring XYZprinting’s SLS technology and distribution network. Although the teams will now work closely for the ongoing business and service transition, the popular high-performance MfgPro230 xS and MfgPro236 xS 3D printers will be added immediately to Nexa3D’s powder bed product portfolio. In addition, the move will expand access to affordable SLS printing technology to the combined customer base. Although little was disclosed about the new deal, Nexa3D announced that acquiring XYZ Printing’s SLS business would include technology, distribution, and service.

This purchase adds a new layer to an ongoing strategic alliance between the two companies. In 2017, Nexa3D secured an undisclosed amount of capital in a round led by XYZprinting. At the time, the investment was estimated to drive Nexa3D’s overall funding to $10 million. In addition, the two companies became immediate strategic partners, with XYZprinting also manufacturing and selling Nexa3D printers under the XYZ brand, as well as manufacturing other white-labeled products on behalf of Nexa3D for industry leaders in other verticals.

At the time, this comprehensive alliance was designed to accelerate market access to affordable industrial-grade 3D printers globally. Powered by Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and a patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of one centimeter per minute, the MfgPro220 xPF printer could drastically cut down 3D printing cycles from hours to minutes, claimed the duo. Back then, Nexa3D CEO and Founder Avi Reichental had predicted that the collaborative effort with investor XYZprinting would “change the face of 3D printing.”

Fast forward six years and the two 3D printing businesses continue their business partnership. However, this time, the new agreement puts Nexa3D in the driver’s seat of XYZprinting’s SLS technology. Meanwhile, the brand’s other offerings remain in the XYZprinting portfolio. These include digital light processing (DLP), stereolithography (SL), and fused filament fabrication (FFF) machines, as well as its materials and software products.

Now part of Nexa3D, the MfgPro230 xS and MfgPro236 xS printers were designed to produce polymer components with tough, mechanical, and thermal properties. Both printers are compatible with titanium and steel cold metal fusion materials as well as a broad range of nylon powders, ideal for higher-temperature applications, like those in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering. In addition, their use of an open material platform makes them the ideal choice for on-demand-manufactures, research institutions, and third-party material suppliers to become part of this 3D printing ecosystem.

The SLS MfgPro230 xS platform. Image courtesy of XYZprinting.

The MfgPro236 xS has powerful features like a 21-hour cycle speed, 60-watt laser, and 0.2 mm accuracy, combined with an affordable and open powder portfolio, making it ideal for professional users looking for an affordable but powerful selective laser sintering solution. While the MfgPro230 xS brings SLS capabilities to every prototyping user, making it a great contender for the best entry-level printer for thermoplastic part production.

Reichental said on social media that one of the most significant features of Nexa3D’s new SLS products from XYZprinting is its sustainability, particularly its capacity to print using 100% used HP powder. Long-time XYZprinting customer JawsTec agrees.

“Our XYZ SLS machines offer something others do not, the ability to use end-of-life powder from our EOS and HP MJF machines for high-quality SLS parts. On top of the operational sustainability, the smaller build volume of the 230 allows for a 22-hour complete build cycle that only requires a 2-hour cooling cycle with zero negative effect on part accuracy or surface quality,” suggests Oscar Klassen, CEO of JawsTec, a 3D printing service provider that has four SLS machines from the brand for high-speed sustainable part production.

With higher energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, more European SMEs are increasingly choosing XYZprinting SLS systems to drive their manufacturing. Recently, H&U Scheffler GmbH, a German manufacturer of high-quality glasses and sunglasses, began successfully leveraging one of XYZprinting’s highly scalable solutions to transition from outsourcing to in-house printing, which cut production costs and time while expanding flexibility. In another industry, TEKEVER, a leading drone-based maritime surveillance provider in Europe, started utilizing a MfgPro230 xS 3D printer to effectively print top-quality drone parts that meet the company’s exacting standards for strength, impact resistance, and rigidity.

The SLS MfgPro236 xS platform. Image courtesy of XYZprinting.

In the last year, Nexa3D released its new NXE 200, an industrial resin 3D printer with a spacious build area and faster print speeds, enlisted Quickparts and JawsTec as QLS 820 foundational customers, and continues to advance its digital dentistry portfolio with the release of dental resins and workflows. The new additions will help Nexa3D provide more 3D printing solutions with validated workflows, software, and post-production capabilities.

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