3D Printing News Unpeeled: Cornell Breast Scaffolds, New Prusa MK4

Cornell researchers are working on better breast implants specifically making 3D printed nipple scaffolds for mastectomy patients. Xue Dong aided by Jason Spector and others used the material Poly-4-Hydroxybutyrate or P4HB for the implant. Along with BellaSeno, Lattice Medical, Healshape, anymedi and more the team is working on an emerging area that could be a huge 3D printing application. 


Prusa Research released its long awaited 3D printer. The Prusa MK4 3D printer reatails for $1099, has a 32-bit STM32-powered mainboard, “xBuddy board”, Trinamic 2130 stepper drivers, has a nozzle temp of 300C, bed temp of 120C, which makes polyamides very accessible. The printer has better sensors a magnetic heatbed with a removable PEI spring steel sheet, improved extruders with reduced slippage, autoleveling through a load cell that is said to improve your first layer. The chassis is of injection molded aluminum which is different from the joined extruded profiles that are now commonplace. 

The New Raw has released a large planter, seating furniture item that can also be a desk. Kind of a big lobby ¨we love the environment statement¨ the piece is made from 350 kilos of recycled polymer.

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