What 20 Years of Funding Data Tells Us about the 3D Printing Investment Race

To understand where we’re going, let’s look at where we’ve been. 3DPrint.com has compiled investment data from the past two decades of fundraising in 3D printing, which can help us unravel the financial scenario of an industry that has had its ups and downs, but remains replete with some of the most innovative technologies. Even though it sometimes feels like the sector has just scratched the surface of possibilities – especially when we envision 3D printing’s growth potential – the financial history describes a compelling image of a deeper evolution. 

Startups and investors thriving in the additive manufacturing (AM) ecosystem leaves us constantly looking for the next Carbon, Velo3D, and Desktop Metal’s of this decade, knowing that there’s nothing more rewarding to investors than witnessing the climb of a business’s vision – and wealth. After balancing the risks and rewards of investing in innovative 3D printing startups, backers have heavily placed their faith and cash in the technology in the last few years. Although the period of easy money is running thin as investors are not pumping millions of dollars into the AM space, there are plenty of new and exciting opportunities as many startups founded in the last five years are coming out of stealth mode with promising products and ambitions.

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