3D Printing News Unpeeld: Bridges in India, Zellerfeld and Creality´s K1

Zellerfeld has worked with Pangaea to develop a TPU 3D printed sneaker. The pair tout the fact that it is mono material as the major selling point and wish for it to be circular. The shoe retails for $250 I believe that a similar piece of footwear could be the major 3D printing breakthrough, but I believe that in order for it to be comfortable it would have to be a slipper.

The Department of Civil Engineering of IIT Hyderabad has under professor KVL Subramaniam made a 3D printed concrete bridge together with Simpliforge Creations. The print time is two hours and the team is looking to load test it and reduce the amount of concrete in it. I really believe that cost effective precast replacements like this one could bring a true infrastructure revolution to the developing world by letting people truck in infrastructure that is made close by but not on site. 

Creality released the K1 a CoreXY 3D printer. They should have called it a Panda because it is meant to eat bambo. The print speed is 600 millimeters per second, with a build volume of  220 by 220 by 250mm while the Max version is 300 by 300 by 300mm. It has LIDAR for first layer an AI powered camera for error detection, ringing reduction and better model cooling. The printer comes with a 1.2 Ghz CPU, a ceramic heater and better software and will retail at $699 while the Max is $999. This is a very important 3D printer. The Bambu Labs printers have changed the game and Creality needs to catch up or best them. 

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