3D Printing News Unpeeled: Carbon Capture & ThinkingHuts

Today we learned that Billionaire Farhad “Fred” Ebrahimi acquired 23,881,002 shares, about 7.43%, of Desktop Metal and currently owns ¨7.26 percent of Desktop Metal, more than the next largest institutional investors, Vanguard and Blackrock, who have 6.94 and 6.5 percent of the company.¨

Maggie Grout founded ThinkingHuts to 3D print schools and other buildings in the developing world. Her team completed a building in Fianarantsoa Madagascar. 

Xiaomeng Fang of NC State has developed a method to potentially enable carbon capture nets with 3D printing. Her team has developed a way to 3D print carbonic anhydrase in a hydrogel onto a net. The hydrogel is fixed with UV light and this could be a scalable technology for carbon capture. 

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