Creality Begins Selling K1 Max 3D Printer at Lower Price with New Features and Amazon Prime Day Offers

Creality, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, the K1 Max 3D Printer. With a better price and innovative features, the K1 Max aims to make high-quality 3D printing accessible to a wider audience. The K1 Max was priced at $999 when it was first unveiled. To express gratitude to its users for their patience, as well as their feedback, Creality has decided to lower the price to $899, making it more affordable for aspiring creators.

The K1 Max boasts an array of impressive features that cater to the needs of both professional makers and hobbyists. By combining a nimble Core XY with a 190g lightweight printhead, the printer is able to reach a print speed of 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, relying on 20000mm/s² acceleration. The K1 Max can be as productive as several 3D printers running at once, significantly boosting efficiency and kindling users’ excitement for 3D printing. The machine also boasts a 300x300x300mm large build volume, enabling rapid prototyping and design verification.

Print speed measurements. 

The printer also comes with a built-in AI-driven camera, which can watch and alert for anomalies and errors, in addition to performing real-time monitoring and the generation of time-lapses for sharing. With high-speed printing capabilities, a large build volume, and an AI camera, the K1 Max provides users with an unparalleled 3D printing experience. Moreover, the printer incorporates AI LiDAR technology, further enhancing its performance and accuracy. For more detailed information about the product’s features, please visit the Creality product page.

AI-driven LiDAR

The K1 Max will be available for purchase across all channels starting July 14th. Customers can visit the Creality online store, Amazon, or authorized dealers to get their hands on this cutting-edge device.

AI-driven camera

Exclusive Offers on Creality Store K1 Series Purchases

To celebrate the launch of the K1 Max, Creality is organizing exciting activities at its official online store. Customers who purchase the K1 Max – as well as the original K1 – from the Creality store will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the Creality Cloud, valued at $79.99. This membership includes access to over 250 premium models, built-in model slicing capabilities, and cloud printing and monitoring features. For more information about the promotions, visit the following links:

– US:

– Europe:

– Germany:

– UK:

– Australia:

– Canada:

Creality to Present Amazon Prime Day Discounts

Furthermore, Creality is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, which offers the lowest prices of the year. As a seller, Creality is proud to provide customers with unbeatable offers on this occasion. Taking place from July 11th to July 12th, this exclusive event offers Amazon Prime members limited-time discounts on select Creality products. Both the K1 and HALOT-MAGE PRO will be available at a special price of $629, reduced from their original prices of $799. Additionally, other Creality products will be offered at discounts ranging from 15% to 30%. Visit the following links to access the Prime Day discounts:







In parallel with Amazon Prime Day, discounts of up to 50% will also be offered from July 10-16 at the Creality store. For more details about the promotions, please visit the Creality Store.

About Creality:

Founded in Shenzhen in 2014, Creality is a global pioneer in the 3d printing industry that focuses on the research, design and production of consumer and professional-grade 3d printers and 3d printing accessories. As a user-centric company, Creality has expanded its footprints across more than 100 countries and regions and shipped over 5 million 3D printers worldwide, introducing 3d printing to homes, schools, workshops, factories and academic institutions, and driving digitalization in manufacturing, education, healthcare, architecture and beyond.

“Creating reality and realizing dreams” is deeply rooted in Creality’s philosophy. Committed to being a 3d printing evangelist, Creality continues gravitating to cutting-edge technology and bringing a premium experience for individual users and businesses. For more information: CREALITY – Official Website, Leading 3D Printer Supplier & Manufacturer.

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