3D Printing News Unpeeled: Recoating Machines, Algae tiles and Lincsolution

Lincsolution is a little known Korean company that wants to completely industrialize 3D printing for automotive and beyond. You need to look at them, not enough people are paying attention to them. The company is working on factory based solutions as well as vat polymerization, Material Extrusion and metal binder jet. For the last technology the firm has now partnered with Xaar to use Nitrox and Aquinox print heads. 

The MYCO-ALGA tiling system 3D prints waste material into tiles which are then baked and seeded with algae or mycellium derived pigments. Made by BioMatters, you will see a lot more systems like it emerge. 

Renishaw´s Tempus technology lets the laser operate during recoating. Many powder bed fusion systems spend two thirds or one thirds of their time recoating prompting me to call them Recoating Machines. Renishaw hopes to change all of that through new algorithms that could reduce build times by half and save up to nine seconds per layer. The firm hopes to reduce machine time and thusly cost per part.. Imagine if EOS, SLM and Renishaw spent a lot of time working on the algorithms for their installed base and how much it would mean if they made those systems just a tad faster. But, that’s probably naive of me. 

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