Cosmyx Material Properties


Kimya PLA-R 3D filament is a recycled, biodegradable polymer; this biobased homopolymer can be obtained from corn starch. Polylactic acid (PLA) is easy to print and odorless. 

Kimya PETG-R 3D filament is formulated with materials from industrial offcuts from a packaging products company for the luxury and medical sector.



Kimya TPU-R 3D filament belongs to the polyurethane family. Thermoplastic polyurethane “R” is formulated from recycled materials. It is a translucent filament that has good elasticity. In addition, it has a shore hardness of 90A. It allows the printing of resistant and flexible parts. This filament is used in the electronics, automotive, and consumer goods sectors.

The Kimya HIPS-R 3D filament belongs to the family of styrenic polymers. This High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS) is a thermoplastic formulated from recycled materials and features, although it is recycled, it has good impact and heat resistance. It has a very good seal allowing it to contain liquids without leaking. In addition, HIPS-R has a property that makes it different from all other filaments: its solubility in D-limonene. Indeed, it can be used as support materials.