OUR DESIGN AND 3D PRINT SERVICE Our design and 3D print service is designed for educational and research Institutions, businesses and individuals that are looking to create 3D printed objects but do not have a 3D design. We can take your ideas, sketches or plans and turn them into 3D designs that can then be 3D printed. We have designers that are experienced in producing 3D designs specifically for 3D printing. We also have a range of 3D printers, both FDM (Filament based) and SLA (Resin based), that can produce great quality prints with a focus on affordability. Once you have sent us your ideas, sketches or plans by completing the Get a Quote form, we will then take a look and provide you with a quote for creating the 3D design and 3D printing it. This will include a timeframe for creating the design and the subsequent 3D printing. As soon as we get your approval we can get to work right away.