OUR SERVICES Desktop 3D Printing We offer a large range of desktop 3D printing hardware. All products that we sell have been selectively chosen by us to ensure high quality. We also include basic technical support as standard with all 3D printing machines to give you peace of mind and ensure you are not alone if encountering any problems. Industrial 3D Printing We can help with any large 3D printing project you might have, and our 3D Audit process ensures that we can quickly and easily identify opportunities. The pre-audit is designed to gather the foundation pieces of information. Our team will explore your processes during our onsite audit and explain how AM can help. Post audit, we will put together a comprehensive report showing the uses of AM and how they will benefit you. Finally, we provide our plan to execute and deliver these benefits. 3D Printing bureau If you are unsure of what the capabilities of 3D printing are or just want somebody else to produce end products for you then we offer a bureau service. We will work closely with you to gather requirements and ensure a high quality finished product that is to your satisfaction. Consumables From filament for Desktop printers to Industrial Printing spare parts, we offer a wide range of consumables and accessories both via our online store or contacting us if you cannot find what you are looking for. Technical Support We pride ourselves in our customer service and technical support. As a first in the Industry, all of our 3D printers include remote technical support with the option of upgrading for both return to base and on-site support packages. Even if you have purchased hardware from another supplier and require technical support, we can help. 3D SCANNERS With 3D Scanner, you can scan a wide range of products which enables you to re-create OEM drawings. With the help of the digital drawings the actual products can be re-produced. The data generated by the 3D Scanner can be used for multiple purposes, including: • Reverse Engineering of damaged components • Verifying component measurements and tolerances • Create 3D models of the desired components • 3D model verification for additive manufacturing • Tolerances and complex Geometry checks